Activity verses Idelness

Use it, or lose it….sound advice….idleness is the devil…..sayings that have been handed down for generations. Multiple scientific research has shown that illness such as Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Joint Disease, Chronic Back Pain and Diabetes are all exacerbated by the lack of movement. Fidgety school children should be given physical exercise rather than being given tablets to subdue them. Men taking Viagra should instead be encouraged to take up moderate exercise, a long term study has shown that 1,000 men with impotency problems benefited from regular exercise in the fresh air.

Researchers have also been re-evaluating their studies on healthy people. Office workers who sit around all day were just as likely to be as unhealthy as a smoker. The mortality rate for inactive people is a third higher than those that are active. An elderly person who walks at least 1.6 kilometres a day is likely to live 7 years longer than someone of the same age who is inactive. The fallacy that being inactive does you no harm you, provided you maintain a good weight and eat healthily has been disproved by research by Frank Booth at the University Of Missouri in Columbia.” Without 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise, it is likely that we will see abnormal cells forming, which in turn could lead to chronic illnesses” states Booth. This means that the body of an average man who does not moderately exercise for at least 30 minutes a day is causing harm to his body. Through time the cells will begin to die and pathogen’s will attach themselves to vital organs which will become damaged, it is then that chronic illnesses will start to manifest themselves.

Research from space has shown the positive effect exercise has on Joints, Connective Tissue, Bone, Skin, Muscles, Urinary Tract, Lungs, Heart, Circulation, Reproduction, Digestion, Psychological, Cognition and Pain Perception. Most humans are programmed to be hunters and gatherers, our genetic disposition has not changed for thousands of years, and as such we need to remain mobile.


The term USE IT….OR LOSE IT is the most important message in movement medicine/advice that can given.Sun burns off the fat of an athlete just as it does to a hill farmer, we also burn fat when we are sleeping.

People who use their brains a lot no longer need the fat enzyme levels they needed in the last 10…15…20 years, because they no longer work the 11 hours physical labour that they used too. Everything out that doesn’t pay the rent…says a healthy body. We will inform as to how your body burns fat, day and night(Even when you’re sleeping)