Malnutrition due to lack of Nutrition

The selection and quantity of food selected by most people does not meet the need of their bodies. We understand that some foods do not contain the necessary nutrients and energy that our bodies need, we are also aware that some food if taken in the wrong quantities can be harmful to our bodies eg. Too many Fat Sats from cooked, baked and fried foods. Quite often a deficiency in Nutrients and malnutrition exist side by side. Causes of Malnutrition and lack of Nutrients is mainly due to ignorance with regards to the metabolism of the body.

It used to be that Deficiency in Nutrients and malnutrition were attributed to the poor and times where countries were experiencing national disasters/conflicts which then caused starvation amongst its people. We are, however, now experiencing this in the rich industrialised world, this has been mainly caused by unhealthy eating and unbalanced diets. This has bought the subject to the agenda of many discussion throughout the World Health Organisation.


In recent years there has been a significant increase in the amount of finished foods available eg: Ready Made Meals. There has also been a big increase in families having “Fast Foods” and not sitting down to have a meal together, thus destroying the family rituals.

Deficiency of Nutrients and Malnutrition can cause Diseases and Illness

The health world has long been aware that 80% of illnesses through “Lack of Nutrition and eating the wrong food”, this is having a significant effect on our health and wellbeing

Well known examples are:

Diabetes Mellitus in Severely Obesity

Gingivitis due to a Vitamin C Deficiency

Night Blindness due to a Vitamin A Deficiency

Nerve Diseases due to a Vitamin B Deficiency

High Blood Pressure

Arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries, Heart Attacks, Strokes)


There is some scientific evidence, though not much due to the complexity of the physical metabolic process this requires, also taken into consideration is Water Management, Exercise, Environmental Toxins, Genetic Predisposition and Access to Sunlight….


Here is an interesting fact:

A person can live for 40 days without water

A person can live without food for 40 days

However…A person can only live for 4 minutes without Oxygen

This is the reason why as Trainers of the Vitality Company we will look at the “Whole Body” , and DO NOT just treat the symptoms.

It is very important to us that we pass this knowledge onto our children so that future generations can be aware of the consequences of eating habits and lifestyle.

The following quote is taken from “Health’s Improvement” by Thomas Moffat in 1600:

People dig their graves with their own teeth

Far more die this way, than from the weapons of their enemies

“Eating should be FUN”

Our dietary recommendations are not a list of DO’S and DON’TS, our aim is to educate you with regards Cholesterol, Saturated Fats, Artificial Hormones, Anti-Biotic Resistant Bacteria, Pesticides and Countless other Pathogenic Substances, which are all too commonin our foods today. They will show you how to enjoy your food without poisoning our hearts and minds.

You will learn to improve your health and to enjoy the quality of your life by changing your dietary habits, learning what foods are good for your health and strength

We can all make a change, helping to end the senseless suffering in the world, and protecting our planets eco-systems and natural resources.