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Our son Jim has a severe atopic disease, it was this that prompted us to discover more about health and vitality. Whilst our experience and training should us a path to follow, we both felt that MORE was needed to enable us to support our son. Watching the movie LORENZO’S Oil gave us the courage we needed to explore other ways of helping him.

Through developments in the US we got to know about the unique way high performance nutrients had on our son’s condition. So began our desire to set up a network of Health and Wellness experts.

The word Expert derives from the Latin”EXPERTUS”, it refers to a person who has an extensive, above average knowledge in a particular field, or has specialist skills. An expert attributing the properties of another is not. In additional to an extensive theoretical knowledge, it is extremely important to be able to draw on sufficient practical experience. Ideally experts should be able to apply this accumulated knowledge, be concentrated and have the ability to pass on this extensive knowledge to others. The highest standard you could achieve would to be able to apply this knowledge and train others at the same time.

In the last 10 years, with the assistance of our Trainers and Experts we have been able to give assistance and advice to over 12,000 people.