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Vitality is all the rage at the moment much to the discontentment of the Medical Profession throughout the land. The demand for Competent, Focused and Personal care is steadily growing, whilst the information from the Orthomolecular Industry is unmanageable.

How does the Biochemistry work in the organism structure of the human body?

How?...and under what conditions are nutrients taken?

Why?...and when are they needed?

What composition should they take?

How can the side effects of conventional medicines be minimised?

All the above are interesting questions that professional groups are trying to find the answers for.

Why don’t you come and join us in helping others


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Who benefits by cooperation

The individual who is studying to get more knowledge on how they can improve their own body’s vitality. Doctors, Practice Owners, Therapists, Health Bodies, Fitness and Beauty Industry, Entrepreneurs, Self-Trainers, Pet Owners, Breeders, Trainers from Sports Clubs, Teachers, Midwifes, Dental Technicians and Adolescent Athletes………just about anyone who wants to bring the Vital Nutrients philosophy to their sphere of expertise.


Who wants to help themselves to attain their own vitality and then pass this knowledge onto others. We guarantee that the seminars/training will be competent and equip you with the necessary tools for modern day care health management.


Anybody interested in Training and Cooperation Opportunities should contact Michael Menter

Identify needs and provide the appropriate solutions at the right time



How is the professional education integrated into the cooperation


The business concept of the Vitality Company is, Simple, Personal. Individual, we will devise a plan with a common goal. For this, a short conversation should suffice to clarify interest and personal needs.


What makes our platform so valuable

The free exchange and support to build your own business