Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements..etc in the form of dietary supplements help our bodies to compensate for any shortages of the vital ingredients our bodies need, and also help against malnutrition. In General, any changes we make to our lifestyle and environmental factors, leads to an increased demand by our bodies for more Nutrients.

“The people of the Stone Age received more than 300 Nutrients in their food than we do today, as we eat more industrial produced food” (Professor Linus Pauling, who won a Nobel Prize, twice, and is the founder of Orthomolecular Medicine)

Research has shown that a significantly increased intake of Nutrients would be of benefit to our health. There are several different groups researching in this field, with regards to food and supplements. Only by following the advice of these groups will we prevent diseases/ailments which are becoming all too common today. This advice is based on “Minimum Requirements“, and for example, in a school this would be “Sufficient”

To create a balance of body and mind, the old adage of “an apple a day” does not work in this day and age, that was advice that was given 20 years ago, significant advances in our bodies requirements have since been made. In today’s world a large number of homes already have dietary supplements as part of their routine. Nobody wants to be ill with flu or other ailments so it is necessary that our bodies receive the Nutrients it requires for a strong body and mind.

Recommendations with regards to Orthomolecular Medicine and Optimal Supply of Supplements.

In schools this recommendation is graded as “Very Good”

The aim of an Optimal Supply of Vital Nutrients is to help in the fight against diseases and premature ageing, a benefit is seen with increased cells, which in turn leads to better Concentration, Performance and Vitality. People who are already ill or disabled, who we believe also have a right to a better quality of life, would also benefit.


Dietary supplements are useful when:

It takes into account the needs of the individual

Known Medication, Diseases and Allergies are considered

Some of the recommend dietary supplements can Metabolise

The product quality of the natural diet is corresponds to the highest bioavailability and is pollutant free, this we guarantee

Supplements are only used as long as the individual needs them to improve their physical and mental wellbeing

Quality has its price

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a bit cheaper, and the people who consider this price, are this man’s prey”
John Ruskin, English Social Research who lived from 1819-1900.

It is unwise to pay too much, but even more foolish to pay too little.

By paying too much all you lose is money, however, if you pay too little you stand to lose a lot more, not everything sold cheaply has the benefits of something that is slightly more expensive.

The law of business sense prohibits paying a little and getting a lot more in return. If you opt for lowest price and get nothing in return it is a gamble you take. Should you invest a little more, the product you buy will be better,and you would not have wasted your money.