Water is the “ELEXIR OF LIFE”

Without water and electrolytes it would be impossible to maintain a healthy body.

Science defines how are bodies water content is determined, through Age, Gender and Fat Content, an average adult body is composed of at least 2/3rds water. The majority are contained within the body’s cells, the rest is in what is commonly called the “extracellular space”. This includes Lymph Fluid, Water content within our bones, the dense connective tissues and Water within the digestive tract .To maintain our metabolic rate, and the composition of our body fluids is of great importance.

Our Brains consists of about 76% water, Lungs 90%, Blood and Blood Plasma about 98%. Water carries nutrients to our cells, plays an important part in maintaining our body temperature and is used for the disposal of metabolites (Contaminants) from our bodies. Processes such as Digestion, Blood Circulation and Excretion can take place without water being present. An adult weighing 70kg, loses around 2kg of fluid a day through normal activities, this loss has to be replenished. Physical Exertion, Sweating, Diarrhoea, Temperature and Altitude can significantly increase the amount of fluids we have to take. Some of the positive effects are decreased Kidney and Heart problems, though you should never over consume your daily intake.

With physical exertion your Kidneys are unable to excrete excess water, the more water you drink, the more that goes into your cells, including your brain. This will cause your brain cells to expand thus swelling your brain, sadly the brain cells do not have room to expand and this in turn will press it against the skull, the skull can then push the brain stem, which controls vital functions Eg Breathing.

When asked about water quality all we can advise is that different Countries, States etc, set their own standards. This means that was is acceptable in one country is far below the standards set in another, and as a result Raw Sewage, Chemicals, Drugs, Hormone Residue and all other sorts of unsavoury Waste/Toxins can be in drinking water.


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