Wussten Sie, dass

 Did you know?


The DNA of a strand of a Single Cell with its protein building plans is about 2 metres long

Our diets are a key component in Alzheimer’s (Dr Konrad Beyreuther Brain Researcher)

According to the opinion of health experts 80% of all illness are caused by the lack of nutrients in our diets

The intake of nutrients during the winter months has seen a reduction of illnesses during this period. This significant reduction can be measured in the immunology. Blood test taken from people taking part in a study when they were eating food with Micro-Nutrients showed an improvement to their immune system, levels of Monocytes, T-Helpers and Natural Killers Cells were increased.( Medical Journal 10/10/2006)

Around 3,000,000 Germans suffer from constant Tiredness and are Lethargic (Burnout Syndrome)

One Litre of soft drinks, no matter what product is, contains up to 40 sugar cubes! (Hamburg Consumer)

Over 70% of all food manufacturers need to change (Der Spiegel)

On average every German has an intake of more than 18 Kilos of chemical additives (Teleakademie BWR)

Most acids are already bonded to thrombosis and are hard to separate. Only around 1000 of all off- beat acids could be measured when they were tested

The vital nutrients in the diet therapy prevents nothing, eat of healthy diet of wholesome food, avoid making big mistakes in what you eat, take your time, “Enjoy Eating”

Fluorides are Enzyme Poisons, and as a result interfere with your body’s metabolism

White bread is bleached! One of the substances used, Chloroxyd, this is used in conjunction with Alloxan- A substance that is used to induce diabetes in laboratory animals

The most common cause of death in Germany are as follows:

Heart and Circulatory Diseases


Side effects from taking medicine

Chronic heavy metal exposure can alter many amino acids, this can lead to Infections, Allergies and Auto-Immune Diseases

Hair loss can also be attributed to constant exposure to heavy metal

Mercury from dental fillings (Amalgams), Vaccinations and Combustible Waste from Coal is converted in the atmosphere to Highly Toxic Methyl Mercury.

Methyl Mercury can cause damage to brains blood barrier, entering the nervous system, it can also breach the placenta wall harming the development of foetuses. (European Parliament)

The satellite TerraSAR-X, can using special radar technology, distinguish the difference between wheat and corn from an altitude of 500 kilometres

In Germany, you are four times more likely to die from the effects of taking medicine than you are to die in a road traffic accident.